When I was first engaged in 2002 I was under no illusion. Finding a wedding dress that was going to be both fashionable and modest in a short amount of time was going to be tricky. Like a lot of LDS brides I didn’t have a lot of time to play with before the wedding (5 months to be exact). I went to the same bridal shop in Derby (East Midlands Region of England) that I had gone to with my older sister when she was getting married with my best friend (and aforementioned sister) and braced myself for a painful experience. The three of us decided to divide and conquer as we knew that we could quickly discount most dresses…backless – no. Strapless – no. Spaghetti straps – no. Luckily I did find a dress that day. Was it an experience like in the movies – no, did I feel like my dress was a compromise of sorts – yes! There was one dress that had capped sleeves, a modest but beautiful neckline and the back was borderline in how low I would want to go – but it would do. It wasn’t a dream dress but the best of a bad bunch and in the days of dial-up (aka very slow) internet connections I wouldn’t be able to research and shop online too easily and so the deal was done. It was a sale dress that had already been sized for a girl that was not too dissimilar in width but obviously a little shorter than me because I didn’t get to buy or wear those little kitten heels that I had wanted to… the length had been shortened for her and so I was resigned to ballet pumps – *sigh*.

In 2007 Aspire Bridal was born so that other brides in a similar predicament were able to have the dream experience that I was unable to find. If you want your dream dress and a browsing and buying experience to match then welcome – you’re in the right place!

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